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Jennifer Vega


Growing up with two Vietnamese refugee parents, I learned to be reliable, independent, and hardworking. Witnessing the sacrifices that my parents endured to create a memorable, fulfilling childhood for my brother and me was a constant reminder to care. Valuing relationships, for the things we came to possess, and the moments we had led to a passion for helping others. Coming from a humble upbringing, it was important to me to be a role model to my son, pre-kindergarten

students, and community. So I focused on giving back to the less fortunate by volunteering my time and help to those experiencing homelessness. For the past year, I’ve dedicated every weekend to collecting jackets, creating meals, advocating for child abuse, helping food pantries, and volunteering my time to those who need me.

          With the title of USOA Mrs. New Jersey, I will dedicate my time to helping at least one organization in all 21 counties in New Jersey. In addition, I will continue spreading USOA’s motto of empowering women, inspiring others, and uplifting everyone!